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The "Agafonov's Draughts Club" original software package dates back to 1990 and has been developed by maths programmer Sergei Bobrovsky, as supervised by the Twice World Champion by Correspondence, the Twice Guinness Book Entry, the International Grandmaster, the Honoured Master of Sport, the Honoured Trainer of Russia, a Many-Time Champion of the USSR, Russia, Moscow (1957-1996),

Vladimir Agafonov

The "Agafonov's Draughts Club" is a program to play Russian Draughts and "Poddavki" (Give Away) for Windows 95, International, Brazil, Italian, Canadian, 80-square Draughts and Checkers for MS DOS.

The Russian Draughts program has more than 500 games to win out over the masters and grandmasters and nearly 300 unique combinations in stall etc.

Russian and International Draughts programs takes part in the official tournaments among humans and are supported by official documents to verify their high quality.

Other members of "Agafonov's Draughts Club" project:
Vitaly Smirnov -- openings support, improvement of position evaluating;
Andry Bondarev -- endgame database generation.